The 27-year-old artist JULIENT creates an ambient atmosphere with his songs. Electric sounds, pop vibes and soft warm vocals. From the beginning JULIENT has tried to teach himself everything from producing and writing his songs to photographing his single covers. A rising independent artist.... He has already received support from radio stations like Amazing Radio, blogs and magazines... 

« Was It Obvious » le meilleur moyen de vous déconnecter de toutes frustrations et passer un moment de douceur avec Julient” - William Milord

Iggy Magazine

JULIENT - Was It Obvious?” - Johan Alexed


Electronic Pop from JULIENT” - Alberto Massaro

Plastic Magazine

JULIENT mixes emotion & vibrance on upbeat single, "Was It Obvious?''” - We Write About Music

We Write About Music

JULIENT - Was It Obvious?” - Mesmerized


Was It Obvious? by JULIENT” - Muhammad Al Wasat


Try and not move along to ‘Calling For My Name’. It’s simply impossible!” - Jeremy Bregman

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